Resiliency: Using the Energy of Change

to Create our Future

Appreciative Inquiry catalyst for our emerging lives!



When waves of change

threaten our very lives and sense of security...

we need to know how to position ourselves

to use the power of resiliency!



what it would be like to awaken feeling fully alive,

inspired and with direction and hope.


In this workshop:

  • Each person will have the opportunity in a fast paced life to "make stop" and take an inventory of his or her strengths and personal challenges in areas that may include their emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual health.
  • Participants will reach inside themselves to discover what they really want.
  • They will review a model for personal resiliency.
  • They will tap the essence of their heart's work and passion.
  • They will reframe and reset the "voice in their head" so that it supports the life that is emerging within... as they think and act positively in the face of considerable challenges.
  • Participants will in this experience will reduce their level of fear for the future; and
  • Create their personal holistic plan for the future.

Focus for this workshop:

We live in a time of tremendous uncertainty and opportunity. Our experiences may stir up core questions like, "How will I and my loved ones survive? And how can we prosper? The stories we hold and tell ourselves about the future have the ability to create more tension and fear or more excitement and anticipation. In this workshop, participants will re-discover how the tremendous power of their words frame our experiences. We will come to appreciate that "What we focus on expands!" We will be invited to embrace attitudes, assumptions and beliefs that create enhanced resiliency. Our ability to bounce back with energy and direction grounded on "Appreciative Living" as the basis of our life choices. This workshop puts us squarely in the driver's seat.

Resiliency Workshop Schedule:

  • June 5-6 , 2009: Westport, CT at the Unitarian Church of Westport
  • June 27-28, 2009: Colorado Springs, CO at the Center for Creative Leadership


To attend or to schedule this workshop contact:

Jim or Pat Francek at 203.513.2352

Email: or


About the facilitators: This workshop will be facilitated by Jim and Pat Francek, cofounders of TAVA Full Circle, LLC. As seasoned workshop facilitators they will bring their substantial experience in opening people to their core strengths, creating a vision of their best future. They will use storytelling, music, facilitated discussions, experiential exercises and journaling as ways for participants to uncover their power, their passion and their inner source of DIRECTION.







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