“Leveraging the core strengths of individuals, groups, organizations and communities to manifest their deepest yearnings!”

While working and residing in proximity to Pike’s Peak, Pat and Jim Francek founded TAVA Full Circle, LLC. TAVA is the name the Ute Nation gave Pike’s Peak. It means “Sun Mountain.”  They held their Sundance and Vision Quest ceremonies there.  The sun brings warmth and light to any situation. Our work is to create a metaphorical experience of the sun, by having people reconnect to their positive core of strengths and create a clear path towards their deepest yearnings. Our goal is to awaken within every individual, team, organization and community a sense of their potential positive emerging future.

Our Philosophy:  “We work with our clients to create and realize their vision of their best future.”

The words we pay attention to and use create the world we choose to live in.  Every day we wake up and have many choices to make. We can decide to live an incomplete life in search of what is missing and never be satisfied; or we can search for and celebrate what gives our lives fullness, abundance and a place of deep gratitude.  The conversations that flow from either of these discussions determine whether we reach our definition of success. TAVA provides executive coaching, leadership development, team training and retreats that increase and leverage the positive strengths of clients.

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