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"I have known Jim since his days at Exxon. We designed and implemented consulting solutions at C&L. He delivers for clients every time using his deep background and penetrating intelligence to help organizations and individuals discover what's missing -- and how to supply it. He is an expert facilitator, an experienced designer of leadership development, a master of change management, team development, and an authentically good and caring person.”

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“Trust is the trail guide through the wilderness of change!” Bill McCarthy

Increasingly with the complex level of issues facing organizations and groups, it is clear that no one person can hold the “entire detailed picture” to develop a complete set of interventions. Collaboration has become a growing quest for organizations forced to expand beyond traditional silos of responsibility. Organizations that create a culture of collaboration are moving to highly interactive interdependent teams.

Teams however do not form by just calling them “teams”. For a team to be highly effective it needs to go through a series of developmental experiences preferably around real work that creates high engagement, trust and clarity of direction. Engagement is the product of working together within clearly defined capacities and having ownership of their direction. Trust is the result of continued experience with people doing what they committed themselves to do. Clarity of direction can come from either a highly developed team leader or from a group experience of creating their team’s direction. When teams have the benefit of well-trained and well coached leadership they can move to the highest levels of performance and innovation.

TAVA offers a number of developmental experiences that can be customized for executive teams, operational teams, or groups focused on a common mission. These experiences include designs that provide:

An assessment of a team’s current performance as a team;
The identification of personal psychological preferences that impact a team’s performance;
A review of a team “collaboration” model;
A process known as AMCat™ (Advanced Management Catalyst™) which is a group facilitated software assisted process that identifies a collective team vision, strategy and plan to  deliver performance based logistics moving them forward as a group. The AMCat process is delivered as a joint effort of TAVA & AMCi (www.amcinc.com).
Action/experiential exercises designed to anchor critical team behaviors; and
Team coaching over extended periods of time.

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