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"In my previous employment as a senior officer for one of the top twenty-five US banks, Jim Francek designed and delivered an expansive leadership development program for our bank’s executive team. In the context of this effort, he guided each member of our team to a powerful executive development program and then facilitated a comprehensive executive team building experience. We learned and grew both as individuals and as a team. It was an extraordinary experience which has paid for itself many times over."

David B. Stephens, President & CEO
St. John Hospital and Medical Center Detroit, MI

"The State of Colorado Department of Corrections has been privileged to have Jim Francek present an integral block of instruction in our staff succession training program.  His powerful presentation on leadership and adapting to change has been an exceptional component.  They are an essential part of our leadership curriculum preparing our staff for future management & leadership roles."

Bill Zalman
Director, Offender Services
Colorado Department of Corrections

“Jim and Patricia Francek could be called the creative facilitator's facilitators.  Their sensitivity to their clients is exemplary because they truly know how to meet people where they are before taking them on journeys of discovery to heights anew.  Jim and Patricia are equipped with the latest facilitator thinking, practices, and tools to help individuals, teams, and organizations make the most of their assets. They blend their own knowledge of creative process with a deep knowledge of Appreciative Inquiry to help people imagine and engage unparalleled visions of what initially seemed out of reach.  In this way they make imagination practical and achievable.  I have witnessed them facilitate change in hardened analytically based organizations in a way that acknowledges these strengths but then builds in compelling leadership qualities that will sustain the organization for years to come.”

David Magellan Horth
Senior Enterprise Associate –The Design Center
Center for Creative Leadership
Greensboro, NC

“Every man or woman must be his/her own leader. They know enough not to follow other people. They follow the light that is within them, and through this light create a new community.” -- Laurens Van Der Post

Leadership Development offerings include:

Appreciative Leadership Program
Leadership from an Emerging Future
Customized Leadership Programs

Our Leadership Development Framework:

We live in times of critical leadership breakthroughs. These developments are moving in many different directions. There is a difference between developing leaders and developing leadership. Leadership is the engaging collective sense of direction that is emerging in our communities and organizations. Leadership is born from a commonly held sense of the emerging future. This sense of the future invites us to new levels of authenticity and courage. Writers like Kevin Cashman, Otto Scharmer and Parker Palmer point to a place within each of us as the starting point. They invite us to become PRESENT to the authentic voice within. There is no replacement for silence and reflection in achieving that authenticity. A leader who does not reflect is prone to repeat his or her mistakes over and over. Yet the leader who opens the space for reflection in his/her busy life can find new richness of knowledge and wisdom. Dialogue following reflection can take us to higher levels of performance and engagement.

TAVA’s approach to leadership development is first to “make stop,” to open the space for reflection.  We engage each participant in a positive inquiry of their strengths. The focus of this first inquiry is to discover one’s personal sense of purpose. Once purpose is identified, each person is assisted to create a best case scenario or VISION of their emerging future and a plan for implementing that vision. During this process, we use a number of personality instruments to assist our participants in identifying their strengths. While areas for development always surface for individuals, our approach has them use their strengths to address what needs development. We call this process Positive Leadership.

What would it be like to work for a leader who knew our strengths and was constantly looking for ways to leverage those strengths for the good of our organization or community in a mutually beneficial way? The pursuit of this question becomes the “quest” for our clients.

"Knowing others is wisdom. Knowing yourself is enlightment." -- Lao Tzu

Description of Leadership Development Offerings:

1. Appreciative Leadership Program (ALP): The focus of Appreciative Leadership programs is the exploration and discovery of the participants’ core positive strengths within the context of a rich dialogue on what it means to be a leader in our current time. This process of inquiry includes the use of a variety of personality assessment tools, experiential exercises, dialogue, story-telling and coaching which results in their developing a clear personal plan for implementing their legacy of leadership. This customized effort is optimally delivered in a 3-5 day experience at a conference site surrounded by a natural setting. In addition each participant is offered the opportunity of completing What’s Next? This is a self administered software application which supports the specification of their personal plan for their “legacy of leadership”.

2. Leadership from an Emerging Future (LEF): Within the context of spiraling levels of change, organizations are faced with the challenge of maintaining a clear direction and at the same time changing their direction dependant on what is emerging as their future. The task of preparing leaders for the future falls on the shoulders of those responsible for an organization’s continuing success. This offering is designed to engage the leadership of an organization in creating a strategic vision for leadership development of their people. It is co-facilitated by staff from Advanced Management Catalyst, Inc. (www.amcinc.com) and TAVA. In order to create a full picture of the situation, a key group of organizational leaders will be deployed in gathering critical data. This effort should be framed as an organizational intervention that will prepare it to become agile in the face of successive waves of change.  Agility is the ability to thrive in an environment of continuous unanticipated change.

Contained within this experience is:

an inquiry to discover  the positive strengths of their collective organization,
a  review of the organization’s  culture, and context  to determine its readiness to change and leverage points;
an engagement of  the participants with the critical challenges of their emerging future, and
a process of developing the  strategic actions that need to be taken by their group.

3. Customized Leadership Programs: TAVA also offers customized leadership development approaches for organizations desiring specific leadership competencies or characteristics. In order to create the optimal experience these programs are designed and delivered after a comprehensive assessment of their culture and need is conducted.

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