Rich the plow that turns the living earth to sunlight, water, and new seeds yet to be birthed. -- Redhawk

Jim Petruzzi

With a BS degree in education in theater and communications, Jim began and operated many entrepreneurial businesses on the East Coast for twenty years. During this time he also supported non-profits and worked for environmental causes.

In 1992 Jim moved to Colorado and began his tenure at Colorado State University. His main goal was to earn advanced degrees in the environmental field. The University asked him to run their non-profit Environmental Learning Center. He began teaching courses at the same time.

Shortly after his arrival Jim met Carolyn Fiscus, a member of the Blackfoot tribe. Carolyn served as Jim’s first teacher in indigenous people’s studies. Through Carolyn Jim met Lawrence Little Thunder and began more in depth studies of Lakota spirituality, beliefs and ceremony. Lyman Yellowhair, a medicine man of the Lakota, also began instructing Jim shortly thereafter. As well as George Two Bears a year later.

A Rock People’s Lodge was built on University property and many Indian and non-Indian people’s were invited to ceremony there. Jim worked with Lawrence and Lyman and, over some six years, learned a great deal from these teachers. Jim was honored with the name Red Wolf and was later allowed to carry the pipe and lead ceremony. During the 1990’s Jim also worked extensively in Central America and learned healing arts from Mayan teachers there. Jim has been blessed by being invited to diverse ceremonies by many tribes during his travels and participating in their spiritual work.

Jim has provided shamanic healings and journeying for individuals and groups, led pipe ceremonies, drum circles and Sweat Lodges for people in many parts of the country. He has delivered programs on Native American topics and shared teaching with his Indian friends on spiritual, cultural and environmental topics. He has been a pipe carrier in several circles in the Mountain West and the West Coast. In 2006-07 Jim ran a land trust on California’s North Coast and worked with, and learned from, Native American people there.

Jim is now moving into the winter of his life circle, he has dedicated his time to teaching and healing. Jim recently returned home to Chester County, Pennsylvania, where he intends to provide his service to those seeking healing and learning while he continues to learn from his teachers. Jim is also a principle of Natural Leadership Way; a nationwide organization committed to providing educational and spiritual opportunities to groups across the globe to help with personal growth and an exploration of the Great Mystery through indigenous practices.

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