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Sandra Elison

Sandra Ellison, is the founding President for her Denver based Ellison Consulting Group. She brings over 20 years of experience as a leadership and organization development consultant, having worked in internal and external consulting roles in the U.S., Europe, and Asia to help build strong individual leaders, highly effective teams, and change-resilient organizations. She is a seasoned consultant and executive coach who is adept at assessing issues, delivering feedback, and designing custom interventions that uniquely match the challenges at hand. 

Sandra has coached multiple “C – level” executives – CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s -- in addition to hundreds of leaders at the VP and Director level across several industries.  Her warm, engaging style of working with others, combined with her quick intellect and understanding of both psychological processes and organization dynamics have made her a highly successful executive coach and consultant to both local and global organizations.

Prior to moving to Colorado, Sandra was a senior consultant with the “Center for Collaborative Organizations,” a University based think-tank in Texas that develops team-based organizations.  Sandra has been in senior leadership roles at Centura Health and Level 3 Communications here in Colorado, and played a key role in helping design and implement a number of different strategic initiatives to build human capacity in these organizations.

For six years Sandra was VP of Organization Development at Resnik Partners, a privately owned consulting firm in Denver Colorado.  Sandra built and led the organization development practice area, and was instrumental in leading and designing large-scale strategies to develop leaders and leverage high performance employees within multiple organizations.  She was responsible for building end to end talent management consulting capability within the firm, and also coached over a hundred executives and senior managers, in addition to working with executive and senior management teams.

Sandra also is an adjunct faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership.  Her work with CCL has led her to consult with hundreds of leaders worldwide as they strive to grow and develop themselves into more effective, self-aware, strategic leaders.  Sandra is also a faculty member in the Leadership & High Performing Teams program at CCL, along with other custom programs that CCL offers.

Sandra has a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and a Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, earning both from the University of North Texas.  Her graduate level training in psychology has equipped her to administer and interpret most 360 degree assessments and numerous psychological instruments.

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