Rich the plow that turns the living earth to sunlight, water, and new seeds yet to be birthed. -- Redhawk

Michael T. Kelly Ph.D.

Michael is the Founder, Chairman of the Board and Vice President for Research of Advanced Management Catalyst Inc. (AMCi) Wiscasset, Maine. AMCi consults to clients ranging from Fortune 100 corporations and government agencies to NGOs, and nonprofit organizations. The focus of his work is to assist organizations and groups in developing their long term vision, strategy and action plan. His work also extends to enhancing public-private cooperation, leadership development, executive coaching, process reengineering, organizational restructuring, and project management. Kelly can best be described as an insightful change agent with a capacity to understand and leverage complex interacting forces that both inform and assist his clients to create a powerful collective vision that addresses their critical emerging future.

He received his BA in Education from Antioch College and his Ph.D. in Psychology from Union Institute. With 25 years of experience, Kelly consults to and coaches executive management. Kelly developed Agile Interface Management™ to help organizations thrive in a “grow or die” world.  AMCat™ is the software he developed, that supports the strategic management of organizations and is recognized as a cutting edge tool for quickly integrating strategic and planning for operations, consensus building and strategic re-engineering. Recently he has worked with Jim Francek in creating a hybrid of Appreciative Inquiry and the AMCat™ now known as AIMCat™. A description of the AIMCat™ follows in the Community Development section of this website.

Over the course of his professional career, Michael has worked as a principal consultant to the following organizations:

ABB Environmental Services (Maine), Agility Forum—Lehigh University, Allied Signal Corporation, Ampex Corporation, Avondale Shipyard, Bath Iron Works Corp, Center for Creative Leadership, Citibank Consulting Group, Data General, Holland & Knight, Hughes Aircraft Corp., Intergraph Corporation,  Kansas Health Foundation , Lafarge Corporation, Lockheed Martin,  Maine Emergency Management Agency—Homeland Security, Maine Medical Center, National Center for Health Statistics, National Shipbuilding Research Program, Office of Naval Research, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Office of the Secretary Energy, Tufts University—Department of Civil Engineering, United Defense Corporation, University of Louisiana, United States Air Force (multiple clients), United States Navy (multiple clients), and the Xerox Corporation

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