Rich the plow that turns the living earth to sunlight, water, and new seeds yet to be birthed. -- Redhawk

Raymond R. Patterson

Ray is a founding Principal and the President of Capital Consulting Group, LLC located near Saratoga Springs, NY. He is a seasoned management consultant, business advisor, and entrepreneurial catalyst for companies, organizations, communities and individuals who want to thrive during today’s rapidly changing, customer-driven marketplace. Areas of expertise include strategic thinking, planning, team building, training and the facilitation of organizational agility which is “the ability to thrive in an environment of continuous unanticipated change."

His core areas of expertise and proficiency include: Facilitating group processes to discover, clarify and document an organizations’ strategic vision; Facilitating business process engineering teams to dramatically improve business operations; Developing and delivering customized leadership and management training.  Ray is the co-author of DRMS IS/IT, a client specific textbook and training course devoted to Information Systems and Information Technology in the reengineering of reutilization and redistribution for the Department of Defense. 

Ray’s work experience started with five years active military experience in Logistics Management and Computer Science followed by thirteen years of civilian service with the US Army in Logistics Management at the Watervliet Arsenal where he was responsible for all logistics at the Nations Cannon Production Facility.  Ray served on a Joint Services team to evaluate and promote logistics initiatives to improve logistics throughout the Department of Defense (DoD).  Following his civilian service to the DoD, Ray joined the Agility Forum, located at Leheigh University, Bethlehem, PA where he led the Small and Medium Enterprise initiatives for the Agility Forum as well as being the coordinator for Federal Funded Agility Projects for the Forum.  Ray decided to devote full time to his consulting practice starting in 1996.

Ray’s undergraduate degree is from Eastern Kentucky University and he holds a Masters in Business Administration from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.

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